Cleaning for Schools

What we can learn from each other

From Nursery’s to University’s, educational facilities require a cleaning and janitorial service that can support and maintain the much-needed high standards that ensures both students and staff’s health and safety.

Eco-Clean & Maintenance Ltd have been providing cleaning services since 2004. Our team have an extensive background working in education environments, from staffing to equipment. Our vertically integrated system allows us to provide a tailor-made cleaning service to suit your facility.

From daily cleans during term times, to deep cleans in the holidays, to fogging in outbreaks os sickness and Norovirus, Eco-Clean & Maintenance know first-hand how important cleanliness in education really is. Our team provide a bespoke service catered to exactly what your site requires.

From general daily cleaning duties to the stocking and refilling of washrooms facilities, our service takes the pressure and potential headache out of procurement, allowing you to consolidate your services into one supplier.

All employees working for or on behalf of Eco-Clean & Maintenance are required to obtain an enhanced disclosure from the DBS and sign a confidentiality agreement. Every site is allocated a cleaning supervisor who is responsible for maintaining standards and communicating feedback to staff.


Seva Scjool CoventrySeva School Coventry










Common Senses

Children experience and learn things through their 5 senses, one of these, touch, can play a vital role in learning. Little minds love exploring, and we believe schools and nurseries should be vigilant in identifying “Popular Touch Points” among children. Working with your team Eco-Clean & Maintenance would ensure all these PTP’s are identified and added to the list of daily cleaning duties. Minimizing the potential spread of allergens and bacteria, dust, dirt, mold, and pollen.

Seva School Nursery CoventryWestwood Nursery Floor Clean Performed By Our Commercial Director Daniel Gibson










Every penny counts

As of April 2018, 80% of schools across the UK have had to make cut backs to balance their budgets, with 90% of these schools having to use funding that was allocated for disadvantaged students. * Outsourcing your cleaning and janitorial requirements can help combat the effects of these budget cuts. We would take over the responsibility of training and managing of all staff members, from holidays to sickness, our database of cleaners ensures you will never be short of staff and only pay for the services you received.

*Data provided by Worth Less? in a survey of 1,500 headteachers.


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