Why is Fogging Important?

We have always felt that fogging is an important disinfection method, but during this pandemic, it is more important than ever. So what is fogging? Fogging is a method that removes, kills and prevents the things we can't see before it makes you unwell. It kills 99.99% of harmful pathogens like influenza, MRSA, norovirus and more.

After a thorough cleaning, our fogging operatives will release a fine mist of 10-micron particles in the room, the particles settle on surfaces and the sterilizing agent kills bacteria, spores and viruses. This effective process significantly reduces pathogens when compared to manual surface cleaning resulting in a cleaner and safer environment.

The positives to fogging are that it significantly reduces the number of pathogens when compared to manual surface cleaning alone as most people base it on a visibly clean environment. It gives complete disinfection of your space in a short space of time with minimal disruption. On average, fogging takes a minimum of 15-30 minutes for the fog to disperse across the room. There is an additonal 45-60 minutes required after that allows the droplets to settle on surfaces. Our fogging machines generate extremely small droplets so they can settle underneath, on top of and the side of many objects and it reaches the inaccessible areas. Our special disinfectant fog kills pathogens and destroys malodours, which leaves your space safe and fresh.

For more information on our disinfection cleaning service, go over to the Disinfection Cleaning part of our website for a more in-depth overview of what we do and use to keep our clients safe from endangering their health. Also, be the first to know about updates like this and follow us on all of our social media.


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