The Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church in Leamington SpaWe are excited to announce that Eco-Clean & Maintenance have teamed up with The Holy Trinity Church in Leamington Spa. It is a pleasure to be able to work with The Holy Trinity Church and give their current cleaning team extra support during these difficult times.

Our cleaners will by focused on cleaning the Popular Touch Points in the church. Popular Touch Points are the surface/objects that most people touch while in the building, for example staircase railings. It is important to clean these touch points as it prevents the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and pathogens. Furthermore, during times like these cleaning these touch point is helping the prevention of the infamous Covid-19 from spreading to more people. We at Eco-Clean & Maintenance feel it is important for people to be able to go to their place of worship and feel like they are not putting their health in danger.

For more information on our disinfection cleaning services head over to the the Disinfection Services part of our website for a more in depth overview of what what we do and use to keep our clients safe from endangering their health. Also be the first to know about updates like this and follow us on all of our social media.


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