Scary Facts about School Cleanliness

School's are always clean, right? These facts will tell you otherwise! On average we spend 334' days worth of our lives at primary and secondary school, so that is a lot of time to spend in a dirty environment. We at Eco-Clean & Maintenance have gathered a few facts together to show why it is important that schools should be always as clean as a whistle.

Let's start off with the school cleanliness facts that involve the students. 78% of students think that levels of cleanliness have an impact on their health! It is very clearly shown in that illness accounted for 58% of all absences in 2017/18. Also, it isn't just affecting their physical health, it is affecting their mental health as a dirty building heightens a student's stress level. One of the most shocking facts is that some students even avoid drinking water so they don't have to use dirty school toilet! No wonder more than 3 in 5 parents have ongoing concerns that their children are exposed to germs at schools.

It isn't just students that are affected by the cleanliness of their school, teachers are too! Teachers in England take 51,000 sick days a week due to illness, which is estimated that this costs schools up to £75 million a year nationally! As of April 2018, 80% of schools across the UK have had to make cut backs to balance their budgets! The cut backs were shown in a survey found that 37% of 6000 teachers said that they did not have hot water and soap available for pupils at their school, alarmingly this survey was taken in March 2020!

It is now more important than ever to work and learn in a clean school to stop the spread of Covid-19. With 88% of students reported that the lack of cleanliness becomes a distraction, a clean school will benefit as the tidier a building is, the more student will want to study and work. At Eco-Clean & Maintenance Ltd, not only do we make schools safe to learn and teach in, we make them tidier so the students will not be distracted anymore. This puts parents who are worried about the virus at ease with taking their child/children back to school. For more information on our school cleaning services head over to the Cleaning for Schools part of our website for a more in depth overview of what we do and use to keep our clients safe from endangering their health. Also, be the first to know about updates like this and follow us on all of our social media.


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