Scary Facts about Office Cleanliness

Is your office clean? These eye-opening facts will tell you otherwise! On average, we spend 160-200 hours a month in the office, which means most of the world's population spend one-third of their adult life at work. We at Eco-Clean & Maintenance have gathered a few facts together to show why it is important to keep your office space clean.

Let us start with the place you probably spend the most time while you are at work, your desk. Office desks are more than 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat! It is that dirty because only 11% of office employees will clean their desks properly after eating, which is not helped by the fact that 64% of office employees will clean their desks once a month. It is not just your desk, which is unhygienic; it is also the things on your desk; office telephone has around 25000 germs per square inch, your keyboard has 75000 microbes per square inch. Having a dirty office affects both your physical and mental health. 98% of office workers are affected by minor or major diseases due to unclean surroundings. If you have a clean environment for your office employees, it improves people’s sense of wellbeing and it reduces anxiety.

It is now more important than ever to work in a clean office to stop the spread of Covid-19. With 25% of office employees thinking that their office is effectively clean, it will be beneficial for them to have a clean environment to work in. At Eco-Clean and Maintenance Ltd, not only do we make offices safe to work in, we make them tidier so the office employees can work on the important stuff.

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