Germiest Places in your Home

Is your home really clean? It is easy to spot the visible dirt on countertops and sinks. But the problem lies with the germs and bacteria we can't see on objects in your objects in your home you wouldn't have guessed to be covered in bacteria. We at Eco-Clean & Maintenance have gathered a list of the Germiest Places in your Home.


The kitchen is a breeding ground for bacteria; it is the dirtiest room in your house. Heat, moisture and food all are elements that encourage bacteria growth. The places that have a concerning number of bacteria are:

Kitchen Sponges - Researchers have found up to 54 billion bacteria per cubic centimetre on Kitchen Sponges. This is something that you use to wash up your dishes! Make sure you clean or replace your kitchen sponges often!

Kitchen Sink - The average kitchen sink has over 17000 bacteria per square inch. It seems everything near the sink is a breeding ground for bacteria since all you dirty dishes end up there.

Kitchen Counter - Researchers have found up to 488 bacteria per square inch on Kitchen Counters. All the spilt food and drink will be on there and your unwashed hands would be all over it!

Cutting Board - The average cutting board has a bacteria count of 24250 per square inch. All of your raw meat, unwashed fruits and vegetables have been on this. Make sure you clean it after you have finished with it!

Fridge Door Handle - Researchers have found 26% of fridge door handles are highly contaminated by growing bacteria. Make sure you clean your fridge often!

Living Room

The Living Room is where your family comes to relax and watch some TV after a long day. There are lots of places where there can be hidden bacteria, like remotes that you touch regularly. The place that have a concerning number of bacteria are:

TV Remote - The average remote is carrying 70 bacteria per square inch. You use these most days with unwashed hands when you get back home. Make sure you disinfect it often and wash your hands!

Sofa - Researchers have found that the average sofa has more bacteria than a toilet! We always curl up on the sofa with a blanket when we feel ill and like to have a snack on there!

Coffee Table - Researchers have found 7 out of 10 single men's coffee tables have faecal bacteria on them! Due to men putting up their feet on their coffee tables! They are a popular place to put your bacteria coated items like phones and remotes.

Throw Pillows - Researchers have found that you should wash your throw pillows every three months because it harbours numerous germs and bacteria.

Throw Blankets - It has been recommended to wash throw blankets every two weeks. We like to cuddle up to these when it is cold outside or when we feel under the weather.


Bacteria can linger after every time you use the bathroom; most of these places are popular touchpoints. Make sure you clean the places that you can't visibly see grim on! The places that have a concerning number of bacteria are:

Toothbrush and Toothbrush Holder - Researchers have found a toothbrush holder has been tested to carry 3,318,477 microorganisms per 1.55 square inches.

Faucet Handle - The average faucet handle has 44 times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Due to us touching it with unwashed hands.

Bathroom Towels - Researchers have found 90% of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria and about 14% carried E. coli. Wash your towels!

Toilet - You would have never guessed it! The average toilet bowl contains 3.2 million bacteria per square inch.

Bath Mats - Researchers have found that bath mats are a breeding ground for bacteria as it soaks up the water after you have had a shower or bath. 


Most harmful bacteria can lurk in your bed! Your bedroom is a place of rest but can be a breeding ground for bacteria. The places that have a conerning number of bacteria are:

Bed Sheets - The average bed sheet had 5 million bacteria after one week of using it! I think it's a good reason why we should was our bed sheets weekly.

Lamps - There are high levels of dust on lamps that can trigger allergies and other health issues. Make sure you dust your lamps regularly.

Alarm Clocks - You touch your alarm daily like your phone and remotes; you are introducing bacteria from your hands. Disinfect your alarm clocks regularly to keep the germs at bay.

Pillowcases - Researchers have found 3 million bacteria on pillowcases after one week of using it! Like our bed sheet, I think it's a good reason why we should them weekly.

Bedside Tables - The average bedside table is cluttered with items we use daily like phones and alarm clocks. Regularly disinfect your bedside tables to keep the germs away.

Clean your home regulary and don't wait to get rid of it when you do a big clean; get rid of bacteria as you go. If you want to learn more about our residential cleans go over to the End of Tenancy Cleaning part of our website for a more in-depth overview. Also, be the first to know about updates like this and follow us on all of our social media.


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